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Celebrating 25 Years with Success Stories from our Longterm Clients

by TRG Coach | May 4, 2016 4:00:01 AM | Coaching, Success


The success of Dr. Richard Baker, of Waterford Dental -Your Smile in Waterford, Michigan, is one of the reasons The Richardson Group Team gets to celebrate 25 years.


Q: What was the biggest challenge that you solved with the coaching of The Richardson Group?

My biggest professional challenge was working through 16 months of challenges when our dental office building was completely destroyed by fire. The Richardson Group was there to provide support for every aspect of this event. It would have been incredibly difficult without their guidance.

Dr. Cary SimondsQ: What are the benefits of utilizing The Richardson Group services for so many years?

Unlike other consultants that I had worked with before, my experience with The Richardson Group has been the integration of both the professional and personal growth and development. That has made all the difference. I wanted to establish and nurture a culture in my office that would be beneficial to patients, staff, as well as myself.


Q: Where do you find the most value in The Richardson Group?

A long term relationship adds to a greater depth of understanding that can only serve to benefit the pursuit of an outstanding life. The life that you deserve!!

Thank you, Dr. Richard Baker!


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