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Heart Disease:

Myth vs Fact!

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The Richardson Group is a team of trusted coaches and professionals who aim to inspire and enrich the lives of their clients.... FACT! That was easy.. one down.  One of the many things that we attempt to achieve is leading by example and through education.  When we find a trusted article with great information, we share it.  Amy Doneen from The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center has written a great article about Heart Disease and the many myths that abound... the FACTS that can save your life and those around you, including some of your patients.  

If I said to you: which one is the number 1 killer among women, heart disease or breast cancer? What would you say?  

The answer is HEART DISEASE... if you said that, you are more informed than 45% of women!  

If I said to you: Heart disease is mostly a problem for men? What would you say, myth or fact?

MYTH, heart disease kills more women that ALL forms of cancer combined! Affecting more than 400,000 women every year, that is 10 times as many deaths caused by breast cancer.

What if I said to you: You are healthy so you are not at risk for a heart attack or stroke. What would you say, fact or myth?  

MYTH, although more than half of the women surveyed had an underlying risk factor for heart disease such as smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or a family history of heart disease... there is a false sense of safety and security and only 16% had been told about their risk by their medical providers.  

We can all take notes from this and listen to our bodies more - and to speak out about the facts.  Share it with your patients, friends, and family... as your dental coach we want to share this information with you.  

We are always looking for new information to keep you safe, healthy and informed. It is just one of the ways that we take care of you as your dental coach and help you take care of your practice and your patients.  

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