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Hiring the right person for your team!

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Some gadgets come with batteries and some do not.  If you knew it was the same with people, what type of person would you like to work with; those with or those without batteries?  Do you find that you come with batteries?  Do your team members come with batteries?  And if you are faced with the challenge of hiring a new team member, do you look for SOMEONE that comes with batteries... wondering where this idea/metaphor came from? Michael Hyatt is the creator of the battery metaphor and idea; it really is quite simple and very useful when applied to ourselves, those we choose to surround ourselves with and those we hire to be part of our team!  

The belief is that people are divided into two categories:

  1. Those who have their own energy source (with batteries)
  2. Those who are dependent on others for energy (without batteries)

Nearly every work environment has one person who drains the team members around them.   You want everyone in your organization to have their own battery pack. If they don’t, they deplete everyone else. You want a team of people working to grow your business and reach their potential - not wasting energy making up for someone else’s character deficit. Here are five signs that a potential employee will drain your team of precious energy, creativity and joy:

  1. They enjoy and create drama
  2. They gossip/subgroup
  3. They complain about everything
  4. They need constant supervision
  5. They won’t accept responsibility

As you are evaluating potential employees and checking references, keep mindful to hire people with their own battery pack. If any of these 5 signs manifest in the trial period, especially within the first 90 days, you know what you need to do. Show ‘Ms. or Mr. No Batteries’ that there is no place for someone without batteries on your team.

If you were a bank loan officer, you wouldn’t approve a loan for someone who couldn’t make the payments. Why hire or keep someone on the team who doesn’t contribute to your culture and won’t commit to team agreements?

 Check your own battery level, and keep it positive! 

 Click this Link to Contact a Coach to Help you do this! 

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