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Keeping the Business of Dentistry Simple!

 Keeping the business of dentistry simple!

Of all the dental offices in your area, a patient chooses you to take care of them. That patient believes you will make a long-term commitment on their behalf. How do you then begin to support that commitment?

 - You always ensure that your patients have an appointment - never leaving the office without one. If they do not have a future appointment, you request that your team makes one with them. This demonstrates to the patient that you are committed to constant care.

You do not need ‘lots of new patients’ – you need to take care of those who have made a commitment to you.

 If you have 21 New Patients per month who all need a minimum treatment of prophylaxis in 6 months, and your hygienist sees an average of 7 patients per day, then theoretically you are adding 3 hygiene days per month.

 Keep it Simple! Honor the commitment to care for your patients. 

 Click this Link to Contact a Coach to Help you do this! 

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