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Want a More Successful Dental Practice? 

Hygiene is the KEY!

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If a practice has 21 new patients per month and all need minimum of prophylaxis and the average number of patients seen per day by a hygienist is 7, then in six months time, theoretically, you are adding 3 additional days of hygiene per month.

With this scenario, you should have explosive growth. Most practices, however, remain stagnant. In an average practice, new patients are appointed for first visit and then they are lost in your system. To change this, you must close your back door by pre-appointing.

Pre-appoint all hygiene patients. For your perio therapy patients, who have three month appointments, pre-appoint their next two visits. Don’t stop there – always when utilizing a new focused system, track the results. In this instance, monitor your pre-appointment percentage on a daily basis.

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